Blessings from Sri Neyveli Santhanagopalan!

Words of appreciation from Smt Vasudha Ravi

Great forum for nurturing and growing young and emerging talent. The CCC is the "VC investor" of the music community in the Bay Area.... we look forward to great talent emerging from the portals of this great effort by Padma and team. Thanks.

Saumya & Anand

CCC is a blessing for the students in the bay area, who are learning carnatic music in a foreign land, miles away from their roots. CCC is giving the students not just a beautiful platform to display their talent but also encourages and inspires them to learn more and excel. My son's confidence has grown after the CCC performances. He also admires the support given by the fellow artistes that develops a comradeship among them. Our kids also love the fact that they get to see kids of their age, pursuing similar passion like them come together every month. As a proud member of the CCC family, we enjoy the monthly events, watching the budding talents showcasing their skill, gaining confidence and eventually growing in to beautiful performers. We appreciate and thank the sincere and selfless efforts the CCC Organizers are doing to inspire, nurture and enable the younger generation to learn this divine art form. We wish CCC a very happy Anniversary and many many more to come!

Radha & Krishna (Sanjay's parents)

Many of our CCC kids will be singing at top sabhas in Chennai very soon! The ease and confidence levels with which they perform would come from nowhere other than performing every few months locally with an incremental dose of preparation and presentation. To say that Padma is the CEO of CCC would be an understatement. No CEO takes care of every employee so lovingly as Padma has done with every child. She has challenged every child to bring out the best. Her comments after every child's performance is genuine. But the best part of Padma and her baby organization is that every music student has been given an equal opportunity to perform. Wish CCC and its superstars great success in the years to come.

Ramya Raman

CCC has provided a wonderful learning and performing platform for Gopal. Although the performance time is limited , the performer has to bring out their talents within the short duration which is not easy for a child. CCC monthly event has become more like a family event. It has given the opportunity for Gopal to interact and make friends with other folks. CCC fosters the bringing together of a like-minded community, and enhances the lifestyles of everyone involved. Kids get to meet other kids of their own background and culture and also sharing a common interest in Indian classical music. Parents of these kids get an opportunity to mingle and socialize with other parents. This is all the more important here in the bay area where we are all living so far away from our mother country. Every generation has the responsibility of continuing the traditions and values followed by their previous generation, as well as passing on those values and traditions to future generations. CCC is an amazing medium that promotes this very much. We as parents, and our kids Preeti and Gopal are proud to be part of their culturally enriching experience thru' CCC. We wish CCC a great anniversary event and a great future.

Prathima & Ravi (Gopal's parents)

Our family has been a part of CCC right from the first house concert that was held on Jan 1st, 2009. Now it has grown into a big banyan tree, spreading its roots far and wide making a big cultural impact here. Everyone knows how much CCC means to these culturally blessed Bay area kids and their families. I sincerely congratulate, appreciate and thank Padma for taking this task on herself, hosting programs month after month and always having something positive to say about all the kids, all with a beautiful smile on her face.

Kasturi & Sundaramurthy (Keerthi's parents)

We have been associated with CCC for the past four years. We were reluctant starters, and were not regular to the session, and often wondered why Padma was insisting member families to attend every session. It took us some time to become CCC regulars, and that made a big difference both to our child and us in learning and progression. We started appreciating the nuances of Carnatic music and the progression of each CCC performer over the years. CCC is a great forum that provides opportunity to the younger generation to gain interest in Carnatic music, and also provides a friendly and knowledgeable audience. It provides a nice opportunity for kids to watch their seniors and peers perform, and provides an intense motivation to perform their best in the concert, and also showcase their progression over the years. We and our child relish the opportunity and privilege to perform in CCC, and it’s great to see our child’s progress every year. We sincerely appreciate Padma, Mohan and all other CCC volunteers for their great vision, enthusiasm and effort in creating this forum for our kids. Some times we wonder whether our kids would get such an environment and opportunity even in Chennai, the mecca of Carnatic music.

Meena/Sambamoorthy (Abirami's parents)

Organization: You are running it like a professional organization, not a volunteer based org. There is no slack. Dedicated and reliable, month-month. Keeping it very matter of fact, communication, fair, efficient, and without sulks, sighs. Benefits: Building the foundation for young children to perform with confidence. Reaching out to all Cons but with positivity: Raising the bar of expectation Not asking for donations - sustainability risks Excellent job Padma and volunteers - Cannot ask for more

Ulagu Kumar

What does CCC parents say?

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Ms. Sriranjani Santhanagopalan speech after attending CCC!

I am very thankful for CCC & Padma aunty for providing all the youth musicians and me a stage to perform on. It has been a big part of my musical development and all the support I have received from CCC has inspired me to work harder and become a better musician. Performing alongside all these great youth musicians has pushed me to be the best I can be, and I would like to thank CCC for all that it has done for me

Prasanna Rajan

Great platform wherein one gets to listen to young artists from different schools perform! One organization that draws audience equivalent to that of an established performing artist / vidhwan for budding talents

Gita Ramanathan

Vedika started with the 10 mins slot in the very first CCC when it began. She had her 1st experience of singing solo with the mridangam accompaniment. Since then every time she has performed it has been one step more than the last one. We have seen her grow along with CCC. This is one platform where the child has an opportunity to perform solo on stage with accompaniments in front of a very encouraging audience. The experience definitely makes the child want to do better each time and also boosts the child's confidence. Thank you Padma for coming up with the concept of CCC and putting all the efforts to make it happen. Kudos to you and your team!:)

Kavitha Moorthy

Its been our privilege to listen to wonderful carnatic music by our own local bay area kids month after month. CCC has been a great source of inspiration for my son in pursuing his carnatic music journey as he watches the exceptional performances of kids he can relate to

Anitha Satyadeep