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posted Jul 18, 2017, 12:30 AM by CCC Editor   [ updated Dec 12, 2017, 12:09 PM ]


Carnatic Chamber Concerts thanks Vidwan Shri Hari Devanath for his wonderful presentation on structural elements of a composition with a focus on how to distinguish an Anupallavi from a CharaNam in a composition. Carnatic music compositions are the creations of composers who are great scholars and prolific poets with a command over the language whose songs are immersed in devotion but at the same time have verses with poetic mastery and intricate rhyming word patterns. Shri Hari Devanath in his presentation beautifully explained how to enjoy the lyrical beauty of the compositions along with its musical aspects to get the fullest experience as envisaged by the composers themselves. Shri Hari Devanath delved into an important part of Carnatic compositions, its structure, and how to identify an anupallavi in a composition, which might in general sound like a charaNam. It was a great learning for the CCC children and the audience to know about the rhythmic pattern called Praasam, how the great composers used various types of praasams like prathama akshara, dwitiya akshara, anthim akshara and many more in their compositions, and how observing them could help us to identify anupallavi. Shri Hari Devanath in his own humorous and captivating way explained the different types of praasams by singing several compositions like Bhajare gopalam, Manasa sancharare and examples from Dikshitar kritis, Purandaradasa kritis and Bhadrachala Ramadasa kritis and explained how to compare and contrast the syllables based on praasams and distinguish the anupallavi from charaNam. CCC immensely thanks Shri Hari Devanath for introducing our young musicians to the concept of praasam, giving them valuable knowledge to research further, and enabling them to better understand and enjoy the poetic and emotional intricacy of Carnatic compositions.

Feature A Guru - Shri Hari Devanath - JUNE 2017