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posted Jul 18, 2017, 12:23 AM by CCC Editor   [ updated Dec 12, 2017, 12:10 PM ]


Carnatic Chamber Concerts thanks Vidwan Shri Ravindrabharathy Sridharan for his Feature A Guru Series presentation to the CCC children on how to extend longevity in music. While applauding the budding artists for being associated with this divine art, and appreciating the encouraging, thriving eco-system Bay Area's music associations are offering to nurture their talents, Shri Ravindrabharathy Sridharan talked about the very important aspect of how to keep up the flame of passion for music and continue music for lifetime. He gave several valuable insights as to how the children should observe and learn from the great masters' view point, and regularly listen to their guru and guru parampara concerts and be inspired. Shri Ravindrabharathy Sridharan beautifully explained how the Great Masters followed SravaNam, active listening, and Saadhagam, practice in depth. These are the two methods that helped them to master their art as well as enjoy the process such that they continued to be inspired by music all their lives. Their successful performances was only the tip of the iceberg, whereas as their lives were filled with hard work, sacrifice, and humbleness. Shri Ravindrabharathy Sridharan gave several valuable suggestions on how to ensure longevity in music and advised the young talents to actively listen to the great masters' music as a group and analyze their work, discover unique aspects of their music, learn about their lives and journey with music, and practice with focus to push the boundaries to improve more. Shri Ravindrabharathy Sridharan also suggested books on/by the great masters for our children to read this summer and benefit from. Thank you Shri Ravindrabharathy Sridharan for taking your time to put together this wonderful presentation and share your profound and reflective thoughts with the CCC audience.