Carnatic Music Idol 2012 ...

posted Aug 28, 2012, 5:24 PM by CCC Editor   [ updated Aug 28, 2012, 5:26 PM ]
Dear friends,
It is my privilege to THANK YOU ALL individually for your timely and valuable help that made the Carnatic Music Idol 2012 event a great success! I'm so happy to be associated to wonderful people like you through CCC. FYI, the judges (except Shashikiran) and the entire Jaya TV crew left for India this afternoon after touring the US for about 3 weeks for this IDOL competition.

Thank you Vidya for your delicious dinner to Jaya TV folks, they appreciated it, I have your containers :) that they returned. thank you for helping with lunch serving on Saturday.
Thank you Thyagu for your fantastic and tireless support with setup/cleanup, ride help and ushering on both days.
Thank you Sriram for your rock solid support to the over all event on both days with setup, cleanup, ushering, we truly appreciate your help, especially on the 26th after your 30mile walk-a-thon Saturday!
Thank you Sripathi for your unreserved offers with help on the 19th with setup, ushering, bhimas trip for tea can drop off, cleanup and again for all your help on the 26th. 
Thank you Sarathy and Pat for your tremendous help with setup on the 19th morning, truly appreciate it!
Thank you Rajan for your help with breakfast pickup, setup help on the 19th and help during the FInals,
Thank you Radha and Ramya for your help with lobby decor! You didn't even have time to attend the event but extended your expert help when asked!
Thank you Prasanna for capturing every single moment of the event tirelessly, post production work, setup, cleanup and ride help, we will surely publish all those golden memories as soon as we are able to. 
Thank you Pramila for your unconditional, reliable, extremely capable assistance with registration, lunch time help and ushering on both days and lobby setup/cleanup tasks as well.
Thank you Murali for your much appreciated help with cleanup on the 26th, 
Thank you Krishna for your extremely enthusiastic support and help on the 25th with setup and 26th morning as well.
Thank you Kavitha for your help with lunch time help, Ushering on both days
Thank you Gita for your help with pickup/hosting/drop off for Pradeepa, especially when she was in a hurry to leave after the finals!
Thank you Balaji for your help with airport ride on 18th, cleanup help on the 19th and the 26th, it was truly valueable!
Thank you Anand for your help with setup on the 25th and cleanup on the 26th, greatly appreciate it. Many thanks for standing by as a backup for all our airport rides on the 25th as well.
Thank you Akila for your help with setup and ushering for the Finals.

On behalf of the CMI 2012 core team, Mohan and I extend our deepest gratitude and sincere thanks to all of you, please forgive if we have missed to mention any other tasks you may have helped with. We just wanted the CMI team to recognize your efforts individually (they know you all helped out but didn't know the names/tasks etc) so have attempted to describe who did what, and in the process, I may have missed something inadvertently.

See you all soon, and once again THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!
Best Regards,
Padma & Mohan