Cleveland 2015

posted Apr 27, 2015, 8:03 AM by CCC Editor   [ updated Apr 28, 2015, 10:45 AM ]


Sripradha Manikandan (Geetham 3rd prize)
Sudhiksha Vaidyanathan (Geetham 1st prize)
Sanika Pande (varnam 3rd prize),
Rajiv Devanath (krithi vocal subjunior 3rd prize)
Vihaan Chakravarthy (krithi vocal subjunior 3rd prize)
Prahalad Saravanapriyan (krithi vocal subjunior 2nd prize)
Abirami Subramanian (Krithi vocal sub junior - 2nd prize)
Sashvath Iyer (krithi vocal subjunior 1st prize)
Samyuktha Natesan (krithi vocal subjunior category 2, 2nd prize)
Shivani Venkatraman (krithi vocal subjunior category 2, 1st prize)
Urmika Balaji (violin krithi subjunior 1st prize)
Sanika Pande (krithi veena subjunior 3rd prize)
Umesh Gopi (Mrudangam sub junior, 1st prize)
Akshay Suresh (Konnakkol subjunior, 2nd prize)
Sanika Pande (Keyboard subjunior, 1st prize)
Anirudh Raja (Krithi vocal junior boys, 2nd prize)
Avinash Anand (Krithi vocal junior boys, 1st prize)
Achyut Srinivasan (Krithi vocal junior boys, 1st prize)
Misha Chakravarthy (Krithi vocal junior girls 1st category, 2nd prize)
Abinaya Srikanth (krithi vocal junior girls -3rd category, 3rd prize)
Kavya Kodungallur (krithi vocal junior girls -3rd category, 2nd prize)
Sharanya Rajagopalan (krithi veena junior, 2nd prize)
Ananya Devanath (krithi veena junior,1st prize)
Anagha Mandayam (krithi veena junior,1st prize)
Ananth kumar (Mrudangam junior, 3rd prize)
Akshay Aravindan (Mrudangam junior, 2nd prize)
Santhosh Ravindrabharathy (Mrudangam junior, 1st prize)
Akshay Aravindan (Konnakkol junior, 1st prize)
Shreyas Srinivasan (Alapana violin junior, 1st prize)
Abinaya Srikant (Pallavi junior, 3rd prize)
Archita Padmanabhan (Neraval vocal junior, 3rd prize)
Abinaya Srikanth (Neraval vocal junior, 2nd prize)
Ananya Devanath (Swaram vocal juniors, 2nd prize)
Shreyas Srinivasan Swaram violin, 1st prize)
Sameer Vijay (Krithi veena senior, 2nd prize)
Omsri Bharat (Alapana veena senior, 1st prize)
Omsri Bharat (Swaram veena senior 1st prize)
Santhosh Ravindrabharathy (Accompaniment, 3rd prize)
Shreyas Srinivasan (Padam javali, 2)
Ranjani Ravindrabharathy (Thillana, 3rd prize)
Omsri Bharat (Thillana, 2nd prize)
Vivrd Prasanna (Concert Competition, 3rd prize)