Saturday, April 2, 2011
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Fremont Hindu Temple
Fremont, CA
Dear members,

Auspicious temple venue, encouraging audience, fantastic performance by our CCC children, pride from India's victory in the World Cup Finals summarize the mood of our April 2nd CCC event. We were able to start and end the 'short and sweet' event as scheduled, thanks to the performers for completing within their assigned time.

Performers Sowbarnika, Shruthi, Sanjna, Rasika, Medha and Kirthana all did a fabulous job! New performers exhibited their talent to our CCC audience and repeat performers showed an improved level of maturity in their singing! It was heartening to see the progress and CCC is happy to be able to nourish and encourage these performers! Accompanists Ajay, Chinmai, Divya and Vignesh provided wonderful support with their respective instruments! The choice of 'Paarukkulle Nalla Naadu' by Medha/Rasika (along with our 'BharathaMaatha Ramya's flag waving) seemed so fitting for the occasion and lifted everyone's patriotic spirits! Sowbarnika's beautiful delivery of chosen pieces, Shruthi's bold attempt to include ragam/swarams with koraippu, korvai in her first attempt with manodharmam, Sanjna's beautiful aboghi, co-ordinated efforts on Rasika/Medha's duet, and pleasing Ragamalika from Kirthana were all commendable!

Many thanks to Kanaka and Bala for securing the Temple hall as the venue for the program! It was such a fitting place for our event! Namdev did an awesome job with the audio setup as usual and thanks to all the volunteers (Jayaraman, Kannan, Ramchandran, Mohan and many other parents who helped with cleanup) who helped make it a successful event!

I'll post the details of the May event as soon as it is finalized, please keep the weekend of May 13th/14th/15th free if possible till then. CCC wishes all the children going to Cleveland a fruitful trip! Happy Sri Rama Navami to all of you!

Photos of April eventclick here

Best Regards....Padma Mohan


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