Sunday, February 13, 2022
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Virtual Live Streaming Event

Event Highlight

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Aishwarya Anand - violin (student of Smt.Anuradha Sridhar)
Anirudh Raja (student of Sri.Sandeep Narayanan)
Dhivyaa Devarajan (student of Sri Paduka Academy)
Madhura Chandrasekar (student of Smt.Kasthuri Shivakumar)
Nikita Anand (student of Smt.Kasthuri Shivakumar)
Pradyoth Kalluri (student of Vid.Amritha Murali)
Pranaya Rishi & Dvita Vivek (students of Sri. Hari Devanath)
Veena Krishnan (student of Dr.Suryaprakash/Sri.Aneesh Bhat)

Melody accompanists (violin unless specified):

Aditi Anand (student of Sri Saravanapriyan Sriraman)
Deeksha Venkateswaran (student of Vid. H M Smitha)
Pramati Barath (student of Sri Delhi P Sunderrajan)
Pramithi Kalluri (Veena) (student of Sri Veena D. Srinivas)
Tanisha Srivatsa (student of Vid. Charumathi Raghuraman)
Urmika Balaji (student of Vid. A Kanyakumari)
Vishaka Ashok (student of Lalgudi Smt Vijayalakshmi)

Mrudangam accompanists:

Amogh Kuchibhotla (student of Sri Patri Satish Kumar)
Anirudh Rao (student of Sri Srinath Bala)
Avinash Anand (student of Sri S J Arjun Ganesh)
Bhargav Nemani (student of Sri Patri Satish Kumar)
Gohitha Venkluri (student of Sri Ravindrabharathy Sridharan)
Rajeev Devanath (student of Sri Chennai Thyagarajan)
Umesh Gopi (student of Sri Gopi Lakshminarayanan)
Vaibhav Prakash (student of Sri Gopi Lakshminarayanan)


Dear members,

It felt surreal to resume in-person events even though it was a hybrid model event with limited audience. We showcased 24 performers in the august presence of some of our resident teachers, parents, and essential volunteers. It truly felt wonderful to see and hear our performers LIVE and so glad that the covid situation is coming under control for us to begin doing these hybrid events.


We hosted all repeat performers and it was heartening to see the progress each of them showcased and everyone who attended (in person and virtually) will vouch for that. Dhivyaa’s bright start, Madhura’s bhaavam filled renditions, Pradyodh’s divine Bhairavi, Pranaya-Dvita’s joyful duet, Veena’s sparkling Shamugapriya, Nikita’s skillful delivery of Todi, Aishwarya’s mesmerizing violin RTP in Bhairavi, and Anirudh’s outstanding RTP in Saveri performance sealed the show. All of our talented accompanists did a fantastic job and I’m very proud of our accompaniment pool. Congratulations to each of our participants for making the “return to in-person events” such a memorable one.


Our core team volunteers Namdev, Sriram, Ravindhran, Thyagu, Latha Srikant, and Prasanna all came to help, out of pure love for CCC, and we are ever so grateful to these alumni parents for their continued support. The parents of our performers, Karthik Rishi, Vivek Ramani, Barath Rangaswamy, and Anand Swaminathan all pitched in, which greatly helped us cover all aspects of this beautiful event. We sincerely thank the parents Nithya Ashok, Nithya Prakash, Shreeranjani, Lakshmi Kalluri, Latha Krishnan, Geetha Devarajan, Lakshmi Venkatraman, Supriya Anand, Madhurai Rishi, Usha Vedula, Purnima Krishnamurthy, Gayathri Venkatraman, Mamatha Kuchibhotla, Savita Rao, Chandrasekar Sundaresan, Sowmya Vivek, Priya Hari for their help with the delicious potluck arrangements under Latha Srikant’s able lead. My hearty thanks to our other back end volunteers who helped with powerpoint slides, attendance and other behind the scenes tasks.


We celebrated one of our teachers, Gopi & Gomathy’s 25th wedding anniversary in CCC, which added more excitement to the already dazzling show. Sri Gopi has been such an integral part of our organization from Day1 and we are so glad to have been able to do that.


Feb 2022 CCC HYBRID event -photo album (thanks to Barath Rangaswamy and Prasanna Ranganathan for giving us double treat this month with these wonderful keepsake photos)

Feb 2022 CCC HYBRID event -Full Video (I did watch this recording post event and enjoyed reading each of the comments on the live chat. I am sure our performers would have all done the same and my sincere thanks to all of you for sharing your thoughts, which is a great encouragement for students to practice more! Hope you all enjoyed the multi-camera coverage in split screen that Nami was able to stream).

Please save March 13th 2022 Sunday from 2pm-5pm for our next event. We hope to continue doing HYBRID events until the situation becomes safe for doing unrestricted in-person events.






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