Sunday, February 6, 2011
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Sudha/Chandrasekar residence
Fremont, CA

Dear members,

Our Feburary 2011 event proved to be yet another grand one even though it was on a Superbowl Sunday morning. Thanks to all those who made extra efforts to be there for our CCC performers, we appreciate it! Sudha and Sekar were extremely gracious to host the event again this month and CCC is so very grateful to them!

CCC typically hosts performers from different levels so all the attending audience get a flavor/variety. Also, children in all levels (intermediate to advanced) get inspired to perform at the level comfortable for them. The same goes for our February performers Ajay, Manasa, Sahana, Omsree and Geeta. Everyone did a fantastic job. We all got to revise four varnams (Saveri, Begada, Carukesi, Vasantha), heard pleasing ragam/kalpana swarams for Kalyani, Simhendra Madhyamam and Karaharapriya during the course of the program. It was so refreshing to hear the new talent and felt proud to see the maturity in repeat performers! All the performers kept their time and it was impressive that Ajay chose his pieces and accommodated a bit of ragam/swarams also within his 15mts slot! The accompanists Adarsh, Gopal, Akshay, Sanjay and Divya did a great job also on their respective accompaniments, Kudos to all of you!

CCC sincerely thanks Sudha and Sekar for opening up their home along with their audio system for our Feburary event. It did save Namdev some extra effort and time in setup/cleanup! CCC offers its special thanks to Tirupathi Bhimas for their support by providing lunch to all the attendees. Speical thanks to Gopi for picking up the hot food from the restaurant and Kanaka for co-ordinating the menu/logistics with Tirupathi Bhimas. We encourage all members to visit them and please mention CCC to get a 20% discount on your bill. I'd also like to thank all the performing children's parents for their financial and physical support in packing the lunch. If you are one of the very few who did not get the lunch box at the end, our sincere apologies, we'll calculate and order better next time!

Our next event will be held during the 1st weekend in March 2011, I will confirm the date/time as soon as it is finalized.

Best Regards,

Padma Mohan

Click here for February 2011 photos


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