Sunday, January 6, 2013
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
VEDA Temple
Milpitas, CA
Dear members,

The New Year started off wonderfully for CCC on January 6th 2013, when we had our first event of the year. This marked our 4th anniversary and we had a nice array of performances from intro slot performers and repeat performers. Sara started us off with her wonderful Sahana varnam, and Nagaswarali, Vivek kept the mood with his Nagumomu, Anirudh charmed everyone with his nice Kalyani varnam and Sriranjani, Vivrd mesmerized all with his Nattai (loved his swarams too!) and Bhairavi. Main slot performers Varshini and Nithin challenged themselves by choosing Varali and Shanmugapriya respectively as their main piece. Fantastic job by all our accompanists, Geeta and Priyanka on the Veena, Malini, Sanjna and Divya on the violin, they accompanied beautifully and helped improve the concert experience for the vocalists while getting their own. Our strong team of percussionists Ajay, Adarsh, Vivek, Chinmai and Gopal proved they are no less by providing wonderful support on the mrudangam. I am so very proud of all the CCC kids who put up great shows month after month. They have raised the standards for themselves and CCC along the way!!!!

Singing in front of the deities in the New Year is such a divine experience and our January CCC performers got to enjoy that, thanks to Sathyanarayana Swamy Devasthanam. Many thanks to all our volunteers who helped with setup/cleanup etc.

Enjoy the pictures from our event below, thanks to Prasanna Narayanan for beautifully capturing the moments in spite of the space constraints he had.

Please mark your calendar for February 3rd Sunday, we are planning to have the event from 1:00pm to 3.15pm, and finish just in time to watch the Superbowl at 3.30pm. I will announce the venue details shortly. This event may NOT be open to public and only existing members and few wait listed members will be admitted by invitation only. RSVP will be required to ATTEND.

Best Regards,

Padma Mohan


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