Sunday, June 7, 2009
12:00 am - 12:00 am

Hello CCC team, We broke our own record attendance record yesterday in our yet another successful monthly event! We reached three digit numbers at peak levels and it was very encouraging to see so many people inspite of other local events/end-of-school-year craziness. A big thank you to all the audience for attending the event yesterday. My sincere apologies for the half hour delay in ending the program, the times got a bit out of hand due to the last minute schedule setback. We have learnt some lessons this month and hope to be prepared next time with back up performers etc. Scheduled performers Sowbarnika, Anaha and Geeta did a fabulous job with their melodious voices and the last minute add performers Divya and Ganapathiraman did justice to their additions as well. Thanks to Gopi for his able accompaniment support on the mrudangam. Medha's crossword puzzle quiz was definitely a welcome change to traditional quiz patterns and I'm sure all the kids (and adults) enjoyed it. Padma and Raghu did a wonderful job of staging the house, special thanks to Adithya (amidst his high school critical deliverables) and Anaha for their help during the setup as well. Padma, I admire your spirit and support for CCC in spite of your physical condition and people like you are the pillars of our strength. Hope you feel better soon. I hope you all know who Namdev is by now and what he does for our CCC. If you have only heard his name and do not know who he is, please feel free to ask in the next concert, we'll bring him out of his hiding spots so you can thank him directly! Namdev, thank you very much for your wonderful professional quality sound system and support. Kannan (Sowbarnika's dad) has volunteered to help Namdev with the monthly setup/dismantle (and he joined duty this month) and we sincerely thank him for his help to Namdev. Please see and enjoy Namdev's additional contribution to CCC under the URL: It's becoming a long email but it would not be fair to leave out the food volunteers who served the 100+ guests. I'd like to thank Godha, Kasthuri, Geetha, Lakshmipriya for their idlis, Akila for her sweet pongal and surprise samosas, Padma Raghu for the to-go boxes and surprise icecream treats, Ramya and Kanaka (for her emergency make up quantity) for their chutneys and I'll have Mohan thank me for my contribution of idlis and chutney (he gobbled some before it got to the venue!). We do not plan to have the concerts in July /August due to summer break, but feel free to pass your comments and suggestions for improvements so we can address them during this break time. Please write back if you would like to have your kids perform so we can schedule them as space permits. Hope to see you all in September and wish you all a wonderful Summer! Best Regards, Padma


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