Sunday, June 11, 2017
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Shirdi Sai Parivaar
1221 California Circle, Milpitas CA 95035

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Performers: Geeta Shankar (student of Sri Neyveli Santhanagopalan) Harini Venkatesh (student of Smt. Snigdha Venkatramani) Hiranya & Lavanya Sundar - Veena duet (student of Shri Chitraveena Narasimhan) Kanav Tirumala (student of Ms Leela Murthy) Mahathi Shankarram (student of Sri Paduka Academy) Manya Sriram (student of Sri Paduka Academy) Vaishnavi Tirumalai (student of Sri Paduka Academy) Yogitha Balasubramanian - Violin solo (student of Sri Vittal Ramamurthy) String Accompanists:Aparna Thyagarajan (Violin) Apurvaa Anand (Violin) Gowri Datta (violin) Urmika Balaji (Violin) Vandana Chari (Violin) Vittal Thirumalai (Violin) Mrudangam Accompanists:  Akshay Aravindan (M)Avinash Anand (m) Pranav Tirumalai (M) Rahul Swaminathan (m) Rajeev Devanath (M) Shreyas Garimella (m) Shrikrishna Shivkumar (m) Umesh Gopi (m)
Dear members,

I’d like to start off noting the blessings from God for giving CCC such sincere and unselfish (just like Warriors, the Champions!) volunteers! Almost all LEADs were going to be missing the event and you can imagine the tension build-up when I heard those updates come in one after the other during the last week! But each of them did everything possible to help out from behind in order for us to have a smooth event in their absence and I can't thank them enough! Love you all!


Heartfelt thanks to Jayaraman Venkatramani (who stepped in place of Nami), Ram Athreya (who stepped in place of Prasanna/Barath), Bhooma Srinivasan (who helped in place of Srikanth/Uma), Avinash/Vidya (who covered for Anand G), Veena/Sadhana who are my regular volunteers also covered Latha this month. There are a number of parents who help out silently whenever they can, with whatever they are able to, and our sincere thanks to them as well. Special shout out to Nami who came to help setup everything for us before he had to start on his other commitment, CCC owes you big time Nami!


Do you wonder why so many people help out so willingly? It is ALL BECAUSE OF our talented kids and the effort they put in towards their CCC performances. Everything feels so worth it as each of our performers charmed the audience in their own way and made dads proud ahead of Father’s Day! We introduced Vaishnavi and Mahathi on the vocals and Vandana on the violin and the rest of the performers made obvious their musical progress since last time. Five young writers who responded to my email (within hours) will sum up the various performances in a more detailed summary so please stand by for that and congratulations to all of our June performers for a delightful show!


Feature a guru segment Vid. Sri Hari Devanath shared very efficiently some important concepts/terminology and certainly kindled the interest in students (and parents) to look out for saahithyams and syllables in compositions. Learning to appreciate music is the very first step in the journey to learn music and Hari made it obvious why his students love music. It was incredible to see the time management with which he did his presentation and I can see how his students follow that to the second in every single of their CCC performances. Kudos and a big thank you to Hari for his support to CCC!


Here are the pictures from yesterday’s event, Thank you Ram for the super fast upload and lovely captures.


A very happy Father’s Day to all our hard working Dads. Please save Sunday July 16th from 2pm to 5pm for our next event!




Padma Mohan


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Structural elements of a composition by Sri Hari Devanath

Sunday, June 11, 2017

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


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