Saturday, March 6, 2010

12:00 am - 12:00 am

Hello CCC team,

Bigger venue, appreciative audience, quality renderings, All Gurus amongst audience …….describes our recently concluded March event. A big Thank you to those who attended and to those who sent their wishes to the performers in the form of RSVPs.

Thank you again Sudha, Chandrasekar, Sandhya and Sanjay for opening up your beautiful home for our event, it definitely made the setup/cleanup a lot easier. We were happy that we did not have to restrict the headcount and were able to accommodate all the guests comfortably.

Brilliant performances by all the children(Omsri, Vedika, Vijay, Pragathi, Hrishikesh) and their accompanists (Gopal, Sanjay, Divya) and the quiz master(Keerthi), we are setting the children higher standards for performing and some folks new to CCC were totally amazed to see the quality of the program. 

Namdev and his dedicated team (Jayaraman, Sriram, Ravindran, Ramchandran) did an excellent job with setup/cleanup, Thank you guys! Thanks Lakshmi for your timely help with snacks/tea setup yesterday! 

Please enter your responses/attendance for the aradhana in the yahoogroup so we can freeze the date for the same. Please mark your calendar for May 1st, Saturday and June 6th Sunday for our May/June events.

Best Regards.......Padma


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