Sunday, May 3, 2009

12:00 am - 12:00 am

Hello everyone, Many of us couldn't wait for May 3rd as we missed the CCC event in April but it was worth the wait yesterday! It was another great program yesterday with good crowd (in spite of Gurucharan's SIFA event) and a BIG thank you to all the people who attended the concert. The performers Medha, Divya Ramachandran, Prasanna, Vedika, Priyanka, Ajay, Pragathi and Apoorva all did a wonderful job and able accompaniment was provided by Sri Gopi and Chinmai on the mrudangam. Hrishikesh's quiz questions were relevant and short and made the transitions seemless. Viji and Srikanth had staged the house from all aspects, special thanks to Hrishikesh and Priyanka for their eager help during the setup time and they provided warm welcome to all the 80+ guests who attended the event. As usual, our Sound Man Namdev exhibited his great talents (he even considered the glass walls, roof height etc for setting up the units) and big heart by providing his diligent sound system and support to CCC (he even missed his cricket game to be in full strength for our event!). Kudos to his and Guru's new web streaming venture, that looks like the talk of the town for future concerts now! Thanks to the food volunteers Ramya, Radhika, Pramila, Kavitha, Kanaka and Gomathy for their help. Kanaka did a fine job as an MC and I never suspected her abilities to do so (she is a `drama queen' if you don't already know!). We will have our next concert on June 7th (1st Sunday) and are still thinking if we should have concerts during the summer time. Perhaps, I'll initiate a poll to find out how many are in town and decide based on that response. Thank you once again for coming yesterday and supporting the children! Best Regards, Padma


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