Sunday, May 10, 2015
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Shirdi Sai Parivaar
1221 California Circle, Milpitas CA 95035

Event Highlight

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Performers of the month :

Aishwarya Shankar (student of Smt Snigdha Venkatramani)
Hiranya&Lavanya Sundar (student of Smt Anuradha Sundar)
Janani Sekar (student of Smt Nandini Ramamurthi)
Manya Sriram (student of Sri Paduka Academy)
Rahul swaminathan (student of Sri Paduka Academy)
Sanika Pande (student of Smt Vasudha Ravi)
Sanjana Utiramerur (student of Smt Jayanthi Umesh)
Shreyas Srinivasan (student of Dr M. Narmadha )
Sweta Anjali Malyala (student of Smt Rajarajeswari Bhat/Akila Iyer)
String Accompanists:

Ananya Devanath (veena)
Aparna Thyagarajan (violin)
Divya Mohan (violin)
Geeta Shankar (veena)
Sanjna Arvind (violin)
Shubha Jagannatha (veena)
Srivas Sarva (violin)
Percussion Accompanists:

Abishayan Shiva (Thamba)
Achyut Srinivasan
Ajay Gopi
Akshay Aravindan
Pranav Tirumalai
Santhosh Ravindrabharathy
Shrikrishna Shivakumar
Srivatsan Tennathur
Vishal Setlur

Dear members,

I hope Mother’s day was memorable for all who attended CCC as it sure was the case for me! Many of our performers chose compositions praising the Supreme Mother or presented ragams/krithis that are favorite to their mother! Vignesh Thyagarajan, our lead presenter for the April JAM session started off the event with his group and together they presented a wonderful Thodi mala compiled by Vignesh! We all found out the hidden vocal abilities of Vignesh through this as well and the performers were so talented that they caught on to this composition in a very short span! We’ll share the video clip/summary from that soon.

Manya and Aishwarya were the two new vocalists we introduced yesterday and they both had the privilege of starting and ending the program beautifully for us. Shreyas’ violin solo and Hiranya-Lavanya twins veena duet were both new to our CCC audience and surely enthralling. Janani, Sweta, Rahul, and Sanika did a wonderful job presenting their chosen items showcasing their progress since last year.

Our string accompanists from our CCC pool Ananya, Shubha, Geeta, Aparna, Sanjna, and Divya did a wonderful job supporting their vocalists. Performers from our rich pool of accompanists, Thamba, Akshay Aravindan, Srivastsan, Shrikrishna, Pranav, Santhosh, and Ajay did an outstanding job and Vishal joined this pool by getting introduced to CCC audience this month. Kudos to all these children for all their efforts!

Our sincere thanks to all the core volunteers and the parents of the performers who helped with setup/clean-up and special thanks to the moms Maha Sriram and Rama THyagarajan who brought chai for our volunteers. Our expert photographer Prasanna has already uploaded the pics from our event, please check out the photos at the URL below.

May 2015 CCC event photos

He also volunteered to try another new idea he had at our May CCC event and here is the fruit of his efforts! A video clip that summarizes the entire event in SIX minutes! Thanks Prasanna for your pro-active thought and action.

Please save Sunday June 14th 2015 for our next event.


Padma Mohan


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