Saturday, November 12, 2016
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Shirdi Sai Parivaar
1221 California Circle, Milpitas CA 95035
Aishwarya Yuvaraj (student of Sri Paduka Academy)
Arundhati Calambur (student of Smt. Vydehi Sudarshan)
Kaushik Hariharan (student of Smt Jayanthi Umesh / Sri Sikkil Gurucharan)
Neha Bashyam (student of Sri Neyveli Santhanagopalan)
Preetha Kumar (student of Ms Ananya Ashok)
Shashvath Iyer (student of Sri Paduka Academy)
Srishiva Manikantan (student of Sri Ajay Namboodiri)
Twisha Sundararajan (student of Smt. Nandini Ramamurthi)
String Accompanists:
Aditya Satyadeep (violin)
Aparna Thyagarajan (violin)
Gowri Datta (violin)
Hiranya Sundar (veena)
Sahana Prasanna (violin)
Saranya Rajagopalan(veena)
Srivas Sarva (violin)
Srivas Sarva (violin)
Mrudangam Accompanists:
Akshay Aravindan
Akshay Venkatesan
Avinash Anand
Rahul Swaminathan
Santhosh Ravindrabharathy
Shrikanth Shivakumar
Shrikrishna Shivakumar
Sriram Subramanian

Dear members,

Our children pulled through yet another fantastic event last weekend and thanks to all the members who made an effort to attend. We got to introduce Aishwarya and Neha’s great singing to our encouraging audience and witnessed improved renditions from Preetha, Twisha, Shashvath, Srishiva, Arundhati and Kaushik.

Vidwan Sri Srikanth Chary who was our featured Guru shared so many valuable pointers with our audience regarding accompanying tips and our heartfelt thanks to him for sharing such practical, easy to follow and needed advice with our budding performers (and parents).

Our string line up consisting of Aditya, Aparna, Gowri, Hiranya, Sahana, Saranya, Srivas and percussion line up comprised of Akshay A, Akshay V, Avinash, Rahul, Santhosh, Shrikanth, Shrikrishna and Sriram worked so hard to give us a quality show and like Sri Srikanth Chary highlighted, it is a TEAM effort of the performers and the accompanists that makes any performance great. I’ll even go one step further to say that this TEAM also includes the Gurus and the parents so kudos to them too.

Shivkumar ji concluded the SSS session for this year with yet another segment and we are so grateful to him for spending his time and efforts educating our children with meanings of various compositions and other valuable tips.

Namdev, our audio guard/God, did yet another purchase of a cool microphone so the string accompanists are heard better, our BIG thanks to him for always going the extra mile for our children! Many thanks to our audio team volunteers, esp. Balaji, Sam, Ramchandran and Hari for helping with setup and cleanup. Latha runs the membership/attendance units like a queen and Srikanth/Uma work seamlessly with the powerpoint presentation to show each month and our sincere thanks to them and all the other volunteers who work behind the scenes.

Big thanks to Prasanna for capturing the memories! His pictures and video excerptsare such a treasure to look for, and he does it like he makes tea at home, without complaining J ever! Talking about tea, thanks to Vidya Jai and Anandhi M. for bringing chai for our volunteers.


Please save Sunday Dec 11th from 2pm to 5pm for our next event!


Padma Mohan

Other Events

Accompaniment pointers by Sri Srikanth Chary

Sunday, November 13, 2016

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


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