Sunday, March 12, 2017
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Event Highlight

CCC thanks Vidwan Shri Vivek Sundararaman for his humour-filled presentation on the appreciation of music, "Rasikathvam". As part of the Feature A Guru series, Shri Vivek Sundararaman gave an engaging, informative presentation on the importance of rasikas and rasikathvam in live concerts and how appreciation of music combined with knowledge elevates the experience and gives satisfaction to the listener both as a rasika and as a learner. He kept the audience engrossed with his brilliant puns when detailing how the rasikas, with their unparalleled love for music, express their appreciation, by feeling nostalgic about the same renditions performed by the legends in the past, identifying ragas and keeping talam along with the musicians. Shri Vivek also insisted to the young music learners the benefits of listening to live concerts (kELvi Gyanam) and how to maximize and take away some key learning with each concert they attend which would make them familiar to ragas, songs and help them to enjoy the process. His presentation was riveting with informative and humorous visuals and audio clippings played to the children to interactively explain them how to slowly build their knowledge and appreciation of music by paying attention to the details of the song, make a connection to the ragas they know and do an emotional mapping as well as observe the musicians' synergy. We immensely thank Shri Vivek Sundararaman for taking his time to prepare this very interesting topic and explaining how to listen to a concert to become a better musician and a rasika. The CCC audience thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and had a lot of learnings to take home.


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