Abinaya Srikant (student of Smt. Charumathi Ramachandran)

Aditi Anand (student of Sri Paduka Academy)

Aditya Bashyam (student of Smt. Kasthuri Shivakumar)

Aditya Satyadeep (student of Lalgudi Smt.Vijayalakshmi)

Alaap Rag (student of Ms. Ananya Ashok/Ashok Subramaniam)

Anirudh Ramadurai (student of Sri Paduka Academy)

Arya Venkat (student of Smt. Nandini Ramamurthi)

Sanika Pande (student of Smt. Vasudha Ravi)

Thejeswini Sai Swaminathan (student of Sri Kolkatta Vijayaraghavan)
String Accompanists:

Anirudh Prabhu (veena)

Aparna Thyagarajan (violin)

Preetika Ashok (Veena)

Sahana Prasanna (violin)

Urmika Balaji (violin)

Vandana Chari (violin)

Vishaka Ashok (violin)

Yogitha Balasubramanian (violin)

Mrudangam Accompanists:

Abishayan Thamba Shiva

Akshay Aravindan

Avinash Anand

Pranav Tirumalai

Rahul Swaminathan

Sachin Venkat

Santhosh Ravindrabharathy

Sriram Subramanian

Srivatsan Tennathur

Dear members,

September is surely a super busy month for all and we’ve started feeling the impact already with not being able to keep up with all the various events happening in the bay area (and Sacramento!). But our committed CCC families made time and got together to listen to our September performers and our sincere thanks to them all!

We had nine solo performances, 8 on the vocals and one violin solo. Aditya Bashyam and Aditi Anand made their debut performance in CCC with their divine, virgin music. Rest of our performers, Alaap, Arya, Aditi, Thejeswini, Aditya Satyadeep, Sanika and Abinaya showcased significant annual progress in their music journey, giving us a variety treat, with each choosing a unique raga to share.

Even though the accompanists learn and grow with each of the opportunities, the amount of effort each of our accompanists and their parents put in towards the success of our performances is incredible. They help the students get together for one or more rehearsals, help them learn the content to be more effective, plan out their coordinated outfits (love this part always!), and cheer each other up before, during and after the performance. This brings in the true team spirit which reflects directly in the performances. Kudos to our accompanists and their parents!

I am so glad we managed time in the schedule to host the feature a guru segment again this month. Vid. Sri Arvind Lakshmikanthan presented to our audience, in an encapsulated form, how to go about ‘practice’ and his valuable tips would apply not only to excel in music but also in other activities as well. Our sincere thanks to him for the efforts and time he spent, for the benefit of our CCC members. Smt Vasudha Ravi who is visiting the bay area paid CCC a surprise visit, listened to all the performers and had kind words to share, our thanks to her too.

Our September schedule was so tight that I did not even get to utter a thank you to our dear volunteers who help, on and off the stage, pre and post event! I know they are not expecting that but it is my duty to acknowledge and thank them for all their help and support! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Our Asthana photographer Prasanna was back this month to cover the event and here are his lovely captures. Anand G and Vidya have recorded, edited and provided us this excerpt clip to reminisce the event and I’m sure this will be a treasure to watch if you could not make it in person. Many thanks to Sowmya (Arya’s mom) for bringing coffee /snacks and Shreeranjani (Aditi’s mom) for bringing some finger food for our volunteers.

Please save Saturday October 7th from 4-7pm for our next event!

Best Regards,

Padma Mohan

Saturday, September 9, 2017
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Shirdi Sai Parivaar
1221 California Circle, Milpitas CA 95035

Other Events

Practice makes perfect by Sri Arvind Lakshmikanthan

Saturday, September 9, 2017

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Event Highlight

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