YSTCA presents A Music and Dance Showcase December, 8th 2012

posted Dec 12, 2012, 9:19 PM by CCC Editor
Dear Members,
CCC is proud to support YSTCA.  We request all to do take a look at their link and extend every possible support to this wonderful cause.

Message from the YSTCA  team

Dear friends,

In July 2012, we as a group of four incoming 11th graders came together to create an organization with a goal of serving the community using cultural arts as the medium. For us music has been an integral part of life, and so we wanted to share this beautiful art with others. We called the organization the Youth Service through Cultural Arts (YSTCA).

YSTCA plans to raise funds for deserving organizations by arranging music/dance events. Please visit  www.ystca.org  to know more on our upcoming events.  
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Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose 
Music Project
Saturday, Dec 8th, 2012