Sunday, April 13, 2014
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Shirdi Sai Parivaar
1221 California Circle, Milpitas CA 95035
Performers of the month (in alpha order) :
Anirudh Ramadurai (student of Sri Paduka Academy)
Janani Sekar (student of Smt Nandini Ramamurthi)
Keerthi Sundaramurthy (student of Sri Ajay Nambudiri)
Nithin Sriram (student of Smt Charumathy Ramachandran)
Sahiti Shankar (student of Sri Paduka Academy)
Sowbarnika Kannan (student of Smt Jyothi Chetan)
Sweta Anjali Malyala (student of Smt Raja Rajeswari Bhat and Smt Akila Iyer)
String Accompanists:
Aditya Satyadeep (violin)
Ashwin Rao (violin)
Geeta Shankar (veena)
Malini Mahes (violin)
Priyanka Chary (veena)
Sanjna Arvind (violin)
Percussion Accompanists:
Ajay Gopi
Akshay Aravindan
Akshay Venkatesan
Gopal Ravindhran
Nitin Sampath
Santhosh Ravi
Vivek Ramanan
Dear all,
Wishing all of you Tamilians a Happy Tamil New Year! I think Ugadi was a few days ago, belated Ugadi wishes to those who celebrate that!
Our April event started off with Thyagaraja krithis on Lord Rama reminding us of the just ended RamaNavami festival! Subsequent performers welcomed the Tamizh new year with appropriately chosen Tamizh compositions! It was a great show by all of our seven repeat performers, Sweta, Sahiti, Janani, Anirudh, Sowbarnika, Nitin and Keerthi. String accompanists Priyanka, Sanjna, Adithya, Geeta, Malini and Ashwin and mrudangists Gopal, Vivek, Ajay, Santhosh, Akshay A, Akshay V, and Nitin provided wonderful support, enhancing the experience for all.
Jayaraman handled the audio needs, filling in for Nami this month and he did a great job with support from the rest of the technical team, Ramchandran, Kannan, Ravindhran, Gopi, Sriram and Thyagu. Thanks to all the volunteers who came early to help with setup and those who stayed till the very end to help cleanup. It was a long event since we had the Cleveland program stage rehearsal also and sincere thanks to all those who made time to attend yesterday. Thanks to Anitha and Akila for bringing tea for the volunteers.
Please see pictures from our April event below, thanks to Prasanna as always!
CCC April 2014
As you know, many of us are gearing up to leave for Cleveland soon, and my very best wishes to all the children who will be competing this year. Divya and I will be arriving Friday night only so if you happen to watch the competitions and see a CCC child on stage, please encourage/support them showing your group spirit. Please remind them to do their best and not worry about winning or losing.
If you are going to Cleveland and not part of the CCC group performance, please let me know your plans just in case we need to reach out to you in Cleveland. We invite you to join us Sunday morning @9.15am to watch our group performance and also I'd like to request all CCC winners to gather outside the auditorium for a group picture with Prasanna uncle after the prize distribution ceremony.
Our next event is on Saturday, May 10th 2014 at 4pm, please save the date. Good luck once again to all leaving for Cleveland, see you all soon.


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