Sunday, August 13, 2023
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

1221 California Circle, Milpitas CA 95035

Event Highlight

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Abhi Nathan (student of Smt. Jayanthi Umesh)
Akshara Sridhar (student of Sri. Ragavan Manian & Smt. Vanitha Suresh)
Diksha Ganesh (student of Smt. Kasthuri Shivakumar)
Diya Vinodh (student of Smt. Kasthuri Shivakumar)
Nirupama Raghuvir (student of Smt. Hamsa Raghuvir)
Pranav Ganesan (student of Sri. Sikkil Gurucharan)
Pranav Natarajan (student of Smt. Misha Rajaram Agarwal)
Rajan Srinivasan (student of Smt. Kasthuri Shivakumar)
Sahana Karthik (student of Sri. Hari Devanath)
Shravya Srinath (violin) (student of Smt. Sandhya Srinath)
Shreevibha Sriramkumar (student of Sri. Hari Devanath)

String accompanists:

Anirudh Natarajan (student of Sri. Saravanapriyan Sriraman)
Chinmay Raghvendran (student of Sri. Arvind Lakshmikanthan)
Nathan Karthik (student of Sri S.N Narasimhan)
Nitya Jayaprakash (student of Sri. Mahesh Balaji)
Prahlad Saravanapriyan (student of Sri. Lalgudi G.J.R. Krishnan & Sri. Saravanapriyan Sriraman)
Pramithi Kalluri (veena) (student of Sri. D. Srinivas)
Sahithya Srinivasan (student of Sri. Saravanapriyan Sriraman)
Samhita Srimath Kandali (student of Sri. Hosahalli Raghuram)
Sanika Pande (veena) (student of Sri. Srikanth Chary)
Smriti Swaminathan (veena) (student of Sri. Srikanth Chary)

Mrudangam accompanists:

Anirudh Ramakrishnan (student of Sri. Gopi Lakshminarayanan)
Anirudh Suresh (student of Sri. Ravindrabarathy Sridharan)
Aryav Shankar (student of Sri. Srinath Bala)
Bhargav Nemani (student of Sri. Patri Satish Kumar)
Kashyap Balaji (student of Sri. Ravindrabharathy Sridharan)
Kedar Shankarram (student of Sri. Delhi Sairam)
Maanav Balan (student of Sri. Patri Satish Kumar)
Naren Nair (student of Sri. Srinath Bala)
Sarat Chandrapaty (student of Sri. Natarajan Srinivasan)
Umesh Gopi (student of Sri. Gopi Lakshminarayanan)
Vaibhav Prakash (student of Sri. Gopi Lakshminarayanan)

 Dear all,

With God's grace, our Deivam themed event Sunday went well. Congratulations to all the performers and their accompanists for doing a great job. Our alumni emcees Hrishikesh and Priyanka embellished the event after each performance with their thoughtful insights and anecdotes.  

We introduced a lot of new talents in this event, and heard for the first time Abhi, Rajan, Sahana, Pranav Natarajan, Diksha on the vocals, Sahithya on the violin and Kedar on the mrudangam. All our returning performers and accompanists impressed all with their improved performances, kudos to all of them.

The event becomes grand when our resident gurus occupy those front row seats and Sunday was no exception. Thank you Smt. Sandhya, Sri Srinath, Sri Hari, Smt Kasthuri, Smt Hamsa, Sri Shivkumar, Sri Vivek, Sri Gopi, Smt Rama for your encouraging presence and support to our performers.

I am extremely grateful for our rock solid core team who own their tasks to deliver in spite of their travel and other commitments. These volunteers do not expect anything in return, they come as if it's their duty, do their part and leave without expecting even a thank you. YOU ALL ROCK and our CCC children and I are grateful to have your help and support.

Here are the pictures from the event (Thank you Ram Athreya for these absolutely precious photos which I'm sure the parents /students will cherish forever)

Hearty thanks to Sreelaasya for getting some additional pics of the intro performers and our volunteers (in the green room). 

Full Video of the event (Thank you Nithya Ashok for coordinating the recording of the performances with Siva Balan and also uploading this within 24 hrs after the event :) and thank you Siva for your help) 

Please save September 10th 2023 from 2-5pm for our next event.




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