Saturday, July 9, 2016
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Shirdi Sai Parivaar
1221 California Circle, Milpitas CA 95035

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Dear members,
TWENTY ONE of our CCC children, now in college, put together a FANTASTIC SHOW in our first ever alumni event yesterday!!! It was an enjoyable afternoon and a festive time for all those who attended and our sincere thanks to everyone who accommodated this in their summer weekend schedule!!!!
Our huge thanks to Sri Srikanth Chary and Sri Gopi Lakshminarayan for guiding the students for this show and giving hours of their valuable time over the past few months. Just for your information, this was almost a six-months project for us who were involved, from the time I polled everyone to find out their availability to the event day!!! But all the efforts were justified when our kids (actually adults now) performed on stage TOGETHER brilliantly! The instrumental ensemble store everyone's heart with their super synchronized performance!
CONGRATULATIONS to each of the participants, Adarsh, Ajay, Ashwin, Divya, Gopal, Hrishikesh, Keerthi, Nithin Sriram, Nitin Sampath, Omsri, Prasanna, Priyanka, Sandhya, SanjaySriram, Sanjna, Shruthi, Soundarya, Sowbarnika, Vaidehi, Vedika, Vignesh for juggling their summer jobs, internships, course load, and vacation schedules to accommodate the various rehearsals prior to the show. Will you believe that we were NOT able to do even ONE rehearsal with ALL THE 21 PARTICIPANTS due to their various unavoidable conflicts? We worked around that because Srikanth worked with each group independently at their convenience and made it happen!!! I did not get a chance to say all this on stage as we were pressed for time hence sharing with the group now.
Kudos to our volunteers who came through once again for CCC!!!! Namdev and his audio team deserves the first and special mention for the outstanding support in giving world-class audio for the various configurations we had. They made the transitions go so seamlessly and there was absolutely no delay in the program because of any transition setup!!! A BIG Thank you to Namdev & his favorite buddies in the audio team!!!
Radha Lakshmikanthan worked so hard on the powerpoint presentations which really embellished the program overall and our sincere thanks to her. Srikanth Mahalingam worked with her, sharing his expertise from doing the monthly events and thank you Srikanth as well.
Murugappan Natesan (Samyuktha's dad) ordered and brought mementos/gift items from India for the show (guests, gurus and performers), Barath (Pramati's dad) took care of the pictures in Prasanna's absence (he had a prior conflict), Sujatha and Seetha brought decor items for stage, and many other parent volunteers helped so willingly with so many things relating the show on the event day and before. Many parents of the alumni participants helped with various aspects leading to the event and this email would be much longer if I were to specify them individually.
Our invited guests Mr Kiron Magal and Dr Sahana Magal had very kind words to share with our participants and we got a completely new outsider (to CCC) perspective as well from their speeches.
If you've read so far, I am so grateful to you for that :) and your reward is the pictures from the event!  Second set of pictures!
Our next event is on Sunday August 14th and please save the date while you enjoy the rest of the summer holidays!!! Regards,


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