Sunday, December 5, 2010
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Nirmala & Jagannatha residence
Fremont, CA
Dear members,
It looks like we just had our grand Anniversary event in January but the year has passed by so quick as we held the last event for the year grandly at Nirmala and Jagannatha's place yesterday. It was real nice to see most of the members attend the program inspite of the gloomy/rainy weather yesterday. We sincerely thank you all for attending and for honoring your commitment to CCC!

Great show by all the performers (Adarsh, Mayuri, Nishevitha, CMIE ensemble Hrishikesh, Priyanka, Prasanna, Divya, Chinmai and Pratibha, Subha) and their accompanists (Ajay, Sanjay,Hrishikesh, Gopal) did a fantasic job! Congratulations to you all!

The Jagannatha family proved to be extremely supportive hosts and we thank you dearly. Namdev and his dedicated team (Jayaraman, Ramchandran, Chinmai) did an excellent job withaudio/CC/projector setup/streaming etc and thanks to all those who stayed back to help withcleanup, we appreciate it! Special thanks to our photographers Ranganathan (thanks for covering) and Chaitanya, please let me know when you are ready so we can upload them to our CCC picasa album. We could use a few more young volunteers like Chinmai, let us know if additional member kids want to join this setup/cleanup team. Thanks to all the parent volunteers of yesterday's performers for their help in buying snacks and a BIG thanks to Ramya for taking the lead for food and for making special home made chai with help from Sujatha.

Our next event will be held during the 2nd weekend in Jan 2011(most likely the 9th of January), will confirm the date/time as soon as it is finalized.

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday season and a Very Happy New Year!
Best Regards,
Padma Mohan


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