Saturday, January 11, 2014
2:00 pm - 6:30 pm
Shirdi Sai Parivaar
1221 California Circle, Milpitas CA 95035

Event Highlight

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Dear members, What do I say and how do I start! But I strongly have a feeling this is going to be a long one!! My heart is filled with so much happiness, gratitude, and increased love for our baby CCC! The way all of you came together for CCC 5th birthday celebrations, indescribable! One had to be there to witness it in order to believe it! The music enriched atmosphere, grandeur décor of the stage/hall, pretty children in color coordinated clothes and lovely jewellery, moms and dads in matching grand attire showing group spirit, and to top it off, wonderful music by each of our seven groups! Each one of the seven groups, Slokam group, Thiruppugazh group, Panchadevata Sthuthi group, Mayamalavagowla group, Shankarabaranam group, Karaharapriya group and the Ragamalika group did a fantastic job with their performance. It was a great feeling to have Sri Neyveli R. Santhanagopalan and Cleveland Sri V V Sundaram as our Chief Guests who watched the performances live and blessed the children with their comments/speeches! It was wonderful to hear our Guest of Honor Sri. Srivatsan’s address which put some perspective into how one must approach Carnatic music and heart-warming, appreciative remarks from Resident Guest of Honor Sri. Srikanth Chary. He spoke wonderfully well (as always), highlighting how CCC has benefited the regular attendees, in music and beyond! Our heartfelt thanks to each of them! I can’t thank everyone enough for the help provided by the dozens of volunteers who worked so hard towards the success of this show. I have tried to capture all tasks and the respective volunteers below in an effort to show my appreciation, please forgive me if I’ve missed any names here.  It was like a family event in which everyone pitched in and did whatever they could, ranging from technical audio help to helping with vacuuming at the end. It was a pleasure and privilege to take pictures with some of my volunteers at the end, but I think I missed out on a few people! Hope to have this opportunity in the future! On behalf of all of us at CCC, I’d like to immensely thank the following people for their help and support for the success of our 5th anniversary special event! -         Vivek, Hari, Saravanapriyan, Sugi, Akila, & Srividya (Teacher coordinators) -         Latha Srikant, Meera Ramchandran, Usha Aravindan, Rama Thyagarajan, Akila Iyer, Radha Mahes, Priya Hari, Srividya Ramesh, Suma Kaushik, Usha Nagavarapu, Jayasri Raja, Seetha Venkat, Sumithra Saravanapriyan & Bhuvana Vivek (awesome 14 parent coordinators of             groups 1 through  7) -         Jayaraman Venkatramani, Thyagarajan Swaminathan, Gajapathy Kannan, Sam Ravindran, K Ramchandran, Gopi (Our audio/video/stream             technical team headed by Nami) for doing a fabulous job! -         Ramachandran Iyer (Sriram) (Presentation of bios and other slides/clips of wonderful, informative visuals about CCC) -         Geetha Kannan (compilation of bios of all children) -         Pramila Rajan and Gomathy Gopi (Food committee leads) -         Seetha Venkat, Radha Lakshmikanthan, Rekha Shankar, Ulagu Kumar, Revathy, Radha Mahes, Anu Srinivasan, Shanthi Subramanyam,             Lakshmi Venugopal, Subha Sudharsan, Aparna Arvind (food packing/distribution) -         Sangeetha Vaidhyanathan (Décor committee lead) -         Sujatha Rajagopalan, Radha Lakshmikanthan, Lakshmi Palaniappan, Rama Ravindrabharathy, Jayasri Raja, Neeraja Madabhushi,             Usha Aravindan, Rekha Kaushik, Vidya Prasanna (decoration committee helpers/providers) -         Prasanna Narayanan and Sriram Vaidyanathan (photo coverage) -         BV Rajan and Suresh Paremeshwaran (Video coverage) -         Viji and Srikanth Chary (Brochure design and content write up) -         Sanjay Sriram Garimella and Abinaya Srikant (Brochure distribution) -         Krishna Garimella, Anand Gurumurthy, Venkat, MSK Balaji, Bala Kaushik, Sripathi (Transportation helpers for moving riser,             audio equipment, tea can drop off etc) -         Rama Thyagarajan (New banner design/printing, MISC. helper :) -         Rama Thyagarajan, Pramila Rajan (Ushering/seating) -         Ramya Raman (mug design) and Bhuvana Vivek for ordering and help with distribution. Hope all the children liked it! BTW, if your child performed but did not stay back to collect it, please let me know. -         Kavitha Sriram (looking-back presentation, purchase of gift bag items etc) -         Radha Mahes (flower purchase) -         Rama Ravi, Latha Akkiraju and Usha Nagavarapu(sweet/savory gift bag items) -         Pat Krishnan (Riser) -         Rekha Vaidhyanathan, Usha Aravindan, Hari Devanath (Thendral article -pre & post writeup/posting help) -         Many volunteers who helped with setup/cleanup tasks -         Group designated leads for photo/video/food etc. -         Sri Paduka, Gomathy/Gopi and Sangeetha/Vaidhy had donated an amount voluntarily prior to the show, which helped us bridge some gaps             in food expenses. -         Mohan, Nami and Sriram (Help with overall planning and execution) I’ll post the pictures of the event as soon as I get it and we’ll see how we can edit and post the videos of our 7 groups as well. The children were simply fantastic and those who missed it should watch it for sure! Last, but not the least, Thank you all so much for the thoughtfulness and the efforts that went into giving us a gift bag at the end. It included a lovely silk saree/stitched blouse, which I already know when I am going to release :) Happy Pongal/Sankaranthi to all of you! Please mark your calendars for our February event, Feb. 8th SATURDAY at 4pm. Gratefully yours, Padma Mohan Pictures (1st set): Pictures (2nd set):
Here are the video links for each of the groups that performed in the CCC 5th anniversary program.
Last, but not the least, Thank you all so much for the thoughtfulness and the efforts that went into giving us a gift bag at the end. It included a lovely silk saree/stitched blouse, which I already know when I am going to release! Happy Pongal/Sankaranthi to all of you! Please mark your calendars for our February event, Feb. 8th SATURDAY at 4pm. Gratefully yours, Padma Mohan  


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