Saturday, January 2, 2010
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Milpitas Library

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Dear CCC team,

CONGRATULATIONS!  Our baby is ONE now! As you all witnessed, we had a great show yesterday and with all of your help and support, we pulled an event that caught everyone's attention. It was a TRUE TEAM EFFORT and highly resembled people coming together for a family event. I am extremely thrilled and honored to be a part of this wonderful group! It would not be fair not to discuss some of the details here, so upfront apologies if it gets to be a bit long for you.

Overall, we were able to start and finish the event on time and we had a full house audience throughout the event. There were no glitches or hiccups during the event and the set up during group changes did not seem long and the children co-operated so well, on and off stage. Each of the participants in the seven groups did a fabulous job rendering their pieces and many folks in the audience mentioned that this was the best rendition of Pancharathna krithis that they had ever heard. We had variety because of different kids/adults/instrument ensemble rendering each piece. All the children looked gorgeous in their color coordinated traditional dresses (we see only certain kids dressed up every month) and of course, the adult group was as beautiful as the skies!

It is heart warming to see the parents so involved with CCC but it is a true blessing that we have wonderful Gurus amongst our parents. It was evident from the delivery of each krithi that these Gurus had put in their heart and soul to it. Any kid with reasonable training and interest can render beautifully under an able Guru's guidance and it was obvious yesterday. CCC thanks each of the Gurus sincerely for making the event a Grand Success!

 Hope you liked the souvenir. We have plenty of calendars left so please remember to pick up any extra copies you need during our next event (it is $3 for one, $5 for two, $10 for five, $20 for a dozen). Please bring money for the ones you took after filling the request form (not for the ones we gave away as souvenirs) also so we can wrap up the sales then. CCC members who did not collect their free copy can do so at the next event. BTW, our next event will be during the 6th/7th of Feb, will post the details as soon as we work them out.

Entire Photo album can be viewed HERE!


Best Regards,



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