Saturday, December 5, 2009
12:00 am - 12:00 am

Hello CCC team, Glad to share with you that our concluding program of the year was a successful one! Thanks to all the artists Shreya Ramesh, Vijay Sudharsan, Sandhya Chari, Chinmai Raman, Prasanna Rajan, Sahana Vasudevan, Divya Mohan and Gopal Ravindran for a superb performance. Anaha made the quiz extremely interesting with her new `competition style' approach and definitely introduced a lot of new music related facts to the audience, Thank you Anaha for all your efforts and time on this, you were totally prepared! Arvind and Sunita proved to be excellent hosts and welcomed everyone warmly into their beautiful home, CCC thanks them sincerely. Food volunteers Pramila Rajan, Prathima Ravindran, Srividya Ramesh, Ramya Raman, Padma Raghu, Subha Sudharsan, Sunita Rajagopal and Vanaja Narayanaswamy did a great job with guidance from Kanaka, we had more than enough food to go around, thank you all! As usual, the sound system was brilliant and the new 70lb speakers that Namdev bought for our Jan event tested well yesterday. Please mark your calendar for January 2nd 2010, Saturday, 1pm-4pm for our next event, additional details will be sent out once finalized. A big thanks to the 18 volunteers who showed up for the meeting, I'll send you the summary of our meeting minutes as soon as I am able to. Happy Holidays! Padma Mohan p.s: we had some sad news from India yesterday morning and had a time critical CCC task which took rest of the day, hence the delay in sending this out! Sorry!


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