Sunday, December 11, 2022
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Shirdi Sai Parivaar
1221 California Circle, Milpitas CA 95035

Event Highlight

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Anirudh Ramakrishnan (student of Smt. Kasthuri Shivakumar)
Anirudh Suresh  (student of Sri. T.N.Arunagiri)
Meera Iyer  (Veena) (student of Smt. Anuradha Sundar)
Pavithra Arun Anand and Pallavi Arun Anand (students of Sri. Hari Devanath and Kum. Rupa Ramanathan)
Rohit Vakkalagadda (student of Sri Hari Devanath)
Sakshee Ravi & Svaksha Ravi (students of Smt. Kasthuri Shivakumar)
Sanika Pande (student of Smt. Vasudha Ravi)
Youthika Anbu and Vidarth Anbu  (students of Smt. Savita Rao)

Melodyaccompanists(violin unless specified):

Deeksha venkateswaran (student of Smt.H.M Smitha)
Pramathi Bharath (student of Delhi Sri. P Sunderrajan)
Pramithi Kalluri (Veena) (student of Sri. D. Srinivas)
Rathika Balaji (student of Vid. A. Kanyakumari)
Sri Vidya Pamarthy (student of Smt. Sandhya Srinath)
Veena Krishnan (student of Smt. Sandhya Srinath, Sri. Ganaraj Karle)
Vishaka Ashok (student of Smt. Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi)

Mrudangam accompanists:

Aditya Kota (student of Sri. Srinath Bala)
Bharat Gandoor (student of Sri. Ravindrabharathy Sridharan)
Bhargav Nemani (student of Sri. Patri Satish Kumar)
Kishore Lakshmanan (student of Sri. Gopi Lakshminarayan)
Lalit Narayan Kovvuri  (student of Sri. S. V. Ramani)
Prabhav Nadella  (student of Sri. Natarajan Srinivasan)
Rishi kodungallur (student of Sri. Ravindrabharathy Sridharan)
Varun Rao (student of Sri. Ravindra Bharathy Sridharan)


Dear members,

Hope you're all doing well. It was a rainy weekend, but that did not dampen our CCC members' spirits to get together under the roof of our divine Sai mandir to enjoy some beautiful music by our talented young artists. It was so heartwarming to see all our young students gather up in such large numbers, and many brought their school work (goes to show their commitment to CCC/music!) to get that also done in parallel while listening to music. My sincere THANK YOU to all of you who attended!

We introduced two cute young twins Sakshee and Svaksha on the vocals and the rest were all returning performers. All the performances from start to end were really wonderful to listen to, kudos to all our performers and their accompanists!  Very grateful to all the resident gurus who made time to attend CCC, especially the teachers who rushed to CCC after another event that morning. THANK YOU beloved teachers!

Here are the links to the photo album and the YouTube link in case you missed attending in person.

December 2022 CCC photo album (photo coverage by Sreelaasya K. and Himanshu Pande) 

December 2022 CCC video link (video coverage/upload by Nithya Ashok)

My sincere thanks to all the volunteers who helped out with various aspects of our December event.   

Our next event is on January 8th 2023 (Sunday 2-5pm) at the same venue, Sai Mandir Milpitas so please save the date to attend in-person. This will be our 14th anniversary event and the students are planning for a thematic show.

Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year 2023 to you and your family!




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