Sunday, February 1, 2009
12:00 am - 12:00 am

Hello everyone, As you may have witnessed yourself, it was another successful event yesterday, all the performers, Geetha, Hrishikesh, Keerthi and Prithvi did such a great job and Chinmai provided his wonderful percussion support to all of them without partiality!(heard Hrishikesh is one of his buddies!). Ramya and Srinivas had staged the house so nicely for the event, the backdrops have come out so well in the pictures everyone took (even garage was nicely decorated!). Heartfelt thanks from the CCC group to Ramya, Srinivas, Chinmai and Medha for opening up their home for the event and it was so thoughtful of Ramya & co. to sing the `sanskrit' song for the Feb born kids at the end. Divya's quiz was well received with all it's humor and music facts, she was titled `quiz master' yesterday! Many great thanks to Sri Namdev for providing and managing the sound system, it was simply professional. Special thanks to Kanaka, Ramya, Akila, Kavita, Viji and Kasthuri, who brought in food for the event, not a grain of rice was wasted, I ate the last one myself! I was amazed at the evenly cut potato curry in spite of the huge quantity made (I think Akila's contribution!). Please feel free to provide your feedback (both good and bad) and suggestions so we can mature as we grow! Thanks to the folks who came and offered assistance in various areas for future events, appreciate it very much! We'll be sure to contact you when needed! CCC team, it feels great to be a part of you! Let us keep this going all through 2009 and beyond! Best regards, Padma


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