Sunday, June 10, 2018
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Shirdi Sai Parivaar
1221 California Circle, Milpitas CA 95035

Event Highlight

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Advika Anand (student of Smt.Nandini Ramamurthi)

Ananya Rao (student of Smt.Savita Rao)

Apurvaa & Aishwarya Anand (Violin Duet) (student of Anuradha Sridhar)

Manya Sriram (student of Sri Paduka Academy)

Niyati Sriram (student of Mambalam Sisters, Smt. Chithra Sathish)

Prisha Balan (student of Smt.Kasthuri Shivakumar)

Rithu Paramesh (student of Smt.Jayanthi Umesh)

Shruthi Jaganathan (student of Smt.Rama Thyagarajan )

Umesh Gopi (student of Sri.Kolkatta Vijayaraghavan)

Vaibhav Prakash (student of Smt.Chandrika Pai)

String accompanists:

Aditya Satyadeep OTS (student of Smt Lalgudi Vijayalakshmi)

Aparna Basavapatna(student of Smt.Sandhya Srinath)

Aparna Thyagarajan OTS (student of Sri Delhi P Sunderrajan)

Sahas Ramesh(student of Sri Vittal Ramamurthy)

Shravya Srinath(student of Smt.Sandhya Srinath)

Srishiva Manikantan(student of Sri Saravanapriyan Sriraman)

Thejeswini Sai(student of Sri Saravanapriyan Sriraman)

Urmika Balaji (student of Vid.A.Kanyakumari)

Vandana Chari(student of Sri Saravanapriyan Sriraman)
Mrudangam accompanists:

Akshay Aravindan(student of Sri Kumbakonam Swaminathan)

Akshay Suresh (student of Sri Gopi Lakshminarayanan)

Akshay Venkatesan(student of Sri Ramesh Srinivasan)

Ambika Ramadurai(student of Sri Srinath Bala)

Anirudh Rao (kanjira)(student of Sri Srinath Bala)

Avinash Anand (OTS)(student of Sri Ramesh Srinivasan)

Sachin Venkat(student of Sri Ramesh Srinivasan)

Srihari Srinivasan(student of Sri Trivandrum Balaji)

Sriram Subramanian (OTS)(student of Sri Gopi Lakshminarayanan)

Kishore Lakshmanan (student of Sri Gopi Lakshminarayanan)

Vivek Arvind (student of Sri Ganesh Ramanarayanan)

Dear members,

I guess event days are gratifying for all of us as it’s the pay off day for all the hard work our students, teachers, parents and volunteers put in. The students performing on stage inspire the students in the audience which creates a super healthy music eco-system that perfects itself to get better and better each month. We thought May CCC event was incredible but June CCC event was even better! We introduced a LOT of new talents which brought a degree of freshness to the overall program.
Ten main performances were showcased for the receptive and knowledgeable audience we had (Thank you to those who took the time to be there!) and kudos to each of them for a well done job. Advika’s Mohanamaana voice, Umesh’s cute voice, Prisha’s confident voice, Rithu’s bold voice, Ananya’s melodious voice, Niyati’s distinct voice, Vaibhav’s flowing voice, Manya’s memorable voice, Apurvaa/Aishwarya’s violin duet that sounded like a solo voice and Shruthi’s shruthi-perfect voice summarizes the event in a nutshell.
Our new string accompanists Thejeswini, Aparna B and Shravya provided great support on their debut appearance while our repeat accompanists Sahas, Vandana, Srishiva, Urmika, Aparna T, and Aditya provided more mature support with ease. We introduced Kishore (on the Mrudangam) and Anirudh (on the kanjira) and both displayed their adeptness with the task at hand. We had all three Akshays’ (Akshay S., Akshay A. and Akshay V) in the line up for mrudangists and all did a fantastic job. The non Akshays, Vivek, Sachin, Ambika, Srihari, Avinash, & Sriram did a great job as well J
The millennial babies are no longer babies as they graduated from high school and are ready to move on with the next phase of their lives. We got a chance to celebrate our graduates at our event and our HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS to each of them on their graduation!

Hope you enjoy these pictures from our event, our sincere thanks to Vaidy for jumping in to get behind the camera this month. Many thanks to Vidya for covering the video recording to produce this wonderful excerpt clip for your enjoyment.
Please save July 8th Sunday (2pm to 5pm) for our next event! It’s going to be a SPECIAL EVENT in which we will be hosting eight of our CCC resident musicians on stage so look forward to seeing you all there.

We are extremely thankful to all our core team volunteers for their help with various aspects to ensure a smooth event, month after month and if you are wondering who they are, I’m hoping to introduce them all to you at our next event!

Wishing all our under-appreciated :) hard working dads a very happy Fathers' Day! Glad we were able to get atleast some of them in the group pic with their performing children.

Wish you all a wonderful and relaxing summer!

Padma Mohan


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