Sunday, May 9, 2010
12:00 am - 12:00 am

Hello CCC folks,

A big thanks to all who attended our May CCC event and for sharing your special `Mothers Day' afternoon with CCC family! 

Fantastic performances by all the children(Sowbarnika, Rasika, Kirthana, Priyanka and Sahana) and their accompanists (Gopal, Sanjay, Chinmai, Vijay & Divya). Even though we missed the quiz segment, the program went a bit smoother/faster and we were able to finish a few minutes before time. Let us know if you have any comments on this.

Namdev and his dedicated team (Jayaraman, Ravindran, Kannan, Sriram, Chinmai, Mohan, Chandrasekar) did an excellent job with setup/cleanup, Thank you All!  Thanks to Viji/Srikanth, there were plenty of brownies and strawberries to go around and we had left overs to share with the volunteers during the cleanup. Thanks to all the other food volunteers, Sudha, Subha, Prathima, Geetha, Janaki, Vanaja, Ramya and their spouses (for cleaning/cutting the fruits!) as well and kudos to Kanaka for coming up with the novel snacks (I had a few crumbs at the end). Kanaka, you now have to come up with different ones every month to maintain the standard!!!!

Tentative date for our next event is June 6th, Sunday, please mark your calendars. We'll wrap up for summer after June event.

Best Regards.......Padma


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