Sunday, November 14, 2021
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Virtual Live Streaming Event

Event Highlight

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Chinmayee Iyer -violin (Guru: Smt. Jaya Narahari)
Dhrithi Balan (Guru: Smt.Kasthuri Shivakumar)
Naren Sriram (Guru:  Sri Hari Devanath)
Nirupama Raghuvir (Guru: Smt. Hamsa Raghuvir)
Pavithra & Pallavi Arun Anand (Guru: Sri Paduka Academy)
Sahana Kumar (Guru: Smt. Geetha Ravi)
SanikA pande -veena (Guru: Sri. Srikanth chary) 
Shashank Nandakumar (Guru: Smt. Savita Rao)
Shriya Krishnan (Guru: Sri.Shiv Kumar Bhat)
Veena Arun Iyer (Guru: Smt. Kasthuri Shivakumar)
Vrishank Chandrasekar -violin (Guru: Sri. Vittal Ramamurthy)

Melody accompanists (violin unless specified):

Anagha Ayyagari
Chandrasekhar Kappagantula
Chinmay Raghvendran
Krithika Muralidhar
Pramithi Kalluri (veena)
Sudiksha Vaidyanathan (veena)
Vishaka Ashok

Mrudangam accompanists:

Akshay Suresh
Anirudh Suresh
Lalit Narayan Kovvuri
Prayag Barath
Rajeev Devanath
Saaketh Nandakumar
Sanjay Chandrasekar 
Sathvik Prasanna
Vaibhav Prakash

Dear all,

After an extended stay in Chennai with my aged parents, I returned home Thursday hence the delay in sending this summary out. I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to Mohan, Namdev and our volunteers for holding the fort while I was away and I’m happy that we were able to continue with our monthly events during my long trip (thanks to the virtual format which allowed me to coordinate from India).

Our November CCC event went so well with each of our performers presenting their best. We introduced Nirupama and Shashank on the vocals, Vrishank did his first violin solo and Chandrasekhar Kappagantula was introduced for violin accompaniment in this event. Charukesi was the highlighted raga in this event (unplanned though) and we heard it in vocal, violin and veena performances, with each bringing the beauty in a different way. The variety in the voices, paatandaram, compositions brought much joy in the short and sweet performances by our talented students. Kudos to each of our performers and accompanists for entertaining us for a solid block of 3 hours! I heard some grandparents got to watch the performances as well as the time was IST friendly during our October and November event, but we will return to our 2pm start from December onwards.

I am so happy we were able to dedicate a slot for our hardworking volunteers to acknowledge their help and support individually. We could not have done our virtual events this year without their help and support.

Hearty appreciation to all the students who participated in the quiz and Congratulations to the following top scorers in November. We are nearing the end of the year and prizes are awaiting for the yearly top scorers so keep participating to hold your spots! 


Abirami Narayanan

Pallavi Arun Anand

Adithya Narayanan

Pavithra Arun Anand

Aditya Bashyam

Prahlad Mahesh

Akshara Sridhar

Pranaya Mahesh

Anirudh Natarajan

Prisha Balan

Anirudh Ramakrishnan

Rishi Kodungallur

Bhanu Ethindra

Saarang Arun

Dhrithi Balan

Sahana Kumar

Krithika Muralidhar

Vidushee Bala

Nitya Jayaprakash


Here are the pics as well as the video, of the performances, if you missed watching them live. 

November 2021 CCC Photo album link (collated by Sanika Pande)

November 2021 CCC full video link

Please save December 12th Sunday from 2pm to 5pm for our next event.




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