Sunday, November 4, 2012
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
VEDA Temple
Milpitas, CA

Dear members,

It was a packed show with wonderful performances yesterday, many thanks to all those who made time for our program. Our intro slot performers Kavya, Shreyas, Priyanka, Saranya and Kushal awed the audience with their wonderful singing and our repeat performers Varsha, Adarsh and Omsri showed more maturity in their repeat performances. Accompanists Ajay, Akshay, Sanjay and Srivatsan on the mrudangam, Divya, Keerthi and Malini on the violin and Geeta on the veena provided awesome support! We had an array of seven performances today and happy to note that we still finished within the set duration (we started about 5 mts late as we waited for more audience to arrive and finished about just 10 minutes late considering the amount of performer changes). MANY THANKS to all our children who did an awesome job without exceeding their allotted times, sincerely appreciate that.

Our sincere thanks to Sri Sathyanarayanaswamy Devasthanam for providing us their divine venue for our CCC events for a small token donation (Good job Mohan for giving a nice presentation to them about CCC to secure this). We sincerely appreciate their support and it is a true blessing for our children to be able to perform at the temple. CCC children are privileged to get the professional audio setup provided by Namdev Nayak and his team, special thanks to Jayaraman for tirelessly spending his weekends doing audio setup for concerts in the community and for helping out so much today. Every time when a child performs in CCC, their parents understand a bit more about us and how it all works and it definitely initiates/develops a bond between them and CCC and we cherish that. Some parents of performers came early to help with setup, thank you parents! CCC's regular team of volunteers, Nami (website), Prasanna (photos), Latha (membership), Radha/Balaji/Pramila (food co-ordinators), Sriram (bios projection), and Viji (budding artists maintenance) do their chosen tasks with a passion, CCC has become a part of their family event even when their child is not performing, they consider all CCC children their own!!! Kudos to them.

Photos from the event have been posted (thanks again Prasanna), please browse the pictures from URL below when you have time:CCC November 42012

Some parents of today's performers (and last month's performers) contributed few extra dollars to offset the venue rental donation cost, thank you very much for your thoughtful gesture! We do use any left over amount given towards tea/snack expense for venue rental as well.

Our next event will be on Sunday, Dec 2nd, 2012 @2pm at the VEDA temple, please mark your calendar now itself, we have an exciting array of performances already scheduled for December.

Best Regards,



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