Sunday, March 19, 2023
2:00 pm - 5:30 pm
Carrington Hall
Sequoia High School, 1201 Brewster Ave, Redwood City, CA 94062

Event Highlight

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Dear members,
With God's grace, our Sangeetha Vaibhavam (SV) event was a great success and every single one of the 1000+ attended will attest to this. Our resident gurus took us on a beautiful journey for 3 hours non stop and people were glued to their seats, thoroughly enjoying every bit of it. The variety and flavor in the content was so unique, everyone from toddlers to seniors connected deeply with what was presented. My heartiest and sincerest thanks to all our beloved resident gurus who put in enormous amounts of effort and time over the last six months to present this musical extravaganza for all of us. Compliments are all still coming in, almost 5 days after the event and we are planning to consolidate them all to publish in our April edition of our CCC magazine Carnatic Chronicles.
Thank you would not be sufficient to our SV volunteers for all the hard work they put in to make sure each and every aspect of the event was grand and smooth. It was a huge effort and everyone gave their 100% willingly and voluntarily, leading to a fabulous show Sunday. I saw some volunteers who had not even signed up to help with anything specific just showed up that morning at the theater asking how they could help. It truly felt like a family event as everyone felt like it was their event. Love you all. Time permitting, I hope to call out the teams at our April CCC event, hope to see you then.
A huge thanks to our photography team (led by Prasanna Narayanan, assisted  by Barath Rangaswamy and Sreelaasya Kanakadandi), the beautiful collection to reminisce the event is HERE IN THIS ALBUM, FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT! CHECK IT OUT. 
The much awaited FULL VIDEO of Sangeetha Vaibhavam is now available for your viewing pleasure, please see the link below. Big thanks to Girish Subramaniam for his professional quality video recording (of the center stage/artists performance) and thanks to Nithya and Suresh for capturing the audience shots from the sides. The lighting in the hall was not great so the audience shots did not come out bright as we expected. My sincere thanks to Mohan for editing the videos to produce a consolidated version with all the bells and whistles added to it. Hope you enjoy watching it.
The skit/emcee team did an absolutely fantastic job and sooooo happy that our CCC alumni Aparna Thyagarajan, Geeta Shankar, Santhosh Ravi and Shrikrishna Shivakumar accepted to do this. They rocked and their creative, fun emceeing really gave the intended context for the theme and took the show to the next level. Kudos and thanks to this next gen vidwans/vidushis! Love you all!
Sangeetha Vaibhavam FULL VIDEO
With immense gratitude to the entire SV team,
Padma & Mohan


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