Sunday, February 5, 2012
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Sudha/Chandrasekar residence
Fremont, CA
Performers (in no particular order):

Akshaya Balaji (Smt Jayasree Prakash),Anirudh Prabhu (veena) (Sri Srikanth Chary),Aravind Rajagopalan (Smt Sangeetha Swaminathan),Hari Ramachandran and Divya Ramachandran (Smt Nandini Ramamurthi),Nitin Sriram (Papanasam Sri Ashok Ramani),Prathibha Jagannatha (Smt. Hema Sista)


Divya Mohan (violin), Malini Mahes (violin), Sanjna Arvind (violin), Vignesh Thyagarajan (violin), Adarsh Ramchandran (m), Ajay Gopi (m), Akshay Venkatesan (m), Chinmai Raman (m), Sanjay Chandrasekar (m)

Dear members,
Hope you all enjoyed today's CCC event! Month after month, our children prove that all the efforts we undertake on account of CCC is all WORTH IT! It was so nice to hear the new performers (Anirudh Prabhu(veena), Akshaya Balaji, Divya Ramachandran and Aravind Rajagopalan) and the repeat performers (Nithin and Pratibha) did a fantastic job within their allotted timeslots. I'm so happy that I introduced the violin accompaniment for all slots, Malini Mahes, Sanjna Arvind are both stepping up to the challenge while Vignesh and Divya showed their mature support! I'm excited that our mrudangist pool is growing, Chinmai, Sanjay, Akshay, Ajay and Adarsh did a fine job today and I can almost guarantee that we'll see more new comers in the following months!

I'm truly happy to note that all the parents of our mrudangists and violinists (in the current pool) are so supportive and it is definitely an asset that we as a CCC family possess. They are never particular about which slots the kids get allotted, I do the assignments considering various factors and it would be such a difficult task without the supportive parent base! Also, I was so touched by the speed in which the responses came from the Feb. parents for the potluck email, we had the entire menu/assignment decided in an extremely short window (couple of hours), which again indicates the affection and commitment the parents show towards CCC! THANK YOU MY DEAR PARENTS!

Sudha and Sekar make it so easy for us by hosting the events, I know many established organizations are struggling to find an appropriate venue for their events and we have the Estrella home! THANK YOU Sudha & Sekar! Thanks to all the volunteers who helped with all event day tasks today, special thanks to the food-coordinators Pramila, Radha and Balaji, we had plenty of good food to go around in nicely packed boxes! Hope you all remembered to pick up yours before you left! BTW, we noticed a lot of no-shows, if your plans change, please remember to update the Evite, it would be help us!

Please kindly take a minute to vote for the option(s) favorable to you regarding March CCC, I'd like to finalize the date/time ASAP to notify everyone. A response by tomorrow (Monday, Feb 6th) would be very much appreciated so we can move forward, please make your vote count!

Again, many thanks to all those who made time to attend our event today, those who missed it today, please try to attend next month!!!

Pictures from the event today can be found at the URL below, many thanks to Prasanna, our official CCC photographer!

Best Regards,


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