Sunday, March 6, 2011
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Sandhya & Swami residence
Fremont, CA
Dear members,

Our March 2011 event turned out to be a fantastic show, all of you whoattended witnessed the wonderful performances
by our children. Mothernature supported us by `holding off the rain' and we almost hada full turnout. It was so nice to
see so many `thathas andpaatties' in the audience and I could feel the happiness, pride andencouragement they had for
all our children. Many performers were luckyto have their teachers also in the audience!

We all know that CCC has a large pool of music learning children but wewitnessed yesterday that every one of them is
doing the best that theycan and many parents of those kids attributed that success to CCC! Eachand every performance was so refreshing and had its own charm and depthto it! Almost everyone tried some manodharmam aspects in this friendlyplatform, raising the bar for future performers! Vijay's strongvocals, Malini's sweet voice, Pranav & Adithya's`one-voice' duet, Priyanka's melodious veena, Ashwin'sbold performance and Vedika's captivating singing made our event atreat for any one who attended. A big thanks to all the accompanists,Sanjay, Hrishikesh, Vignesh, Ajay and Akshay for their fabulous support!Kudos to all of you MARCH 2011 performers!

Many thanks to Sandhya and Swaminathan for hosting the event at theirbeautiful home, hope everything is back to normal at their house now!
Namdev and his team did a fantastic job, everyone seated in all areascould hear/see the lovely performances without any issues!

CCC offers its special thanks to Tirupathi Bhimas for their support byproviding tea and snacks to all the attendees at a heavily discountedrate. Speical thanks to Rama Thyagarajan for picking up the food fromthe restaurant. We encourage all members to visit Bhimas and pleasemention CCC to get a 20% discount on your bill. I'd also like tothank all the performing children's parents for their financialdonation towards snacks.

Our next monthly event will be heldon Sunday April 3rd, 2011 @1pm,please mark your calendars now and I will send out the Evite closer tothe event date.

Best Regards....Padma Mohan


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