Sunday, November 10, 2013
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Shirdi Sai Parivaar
1221 California Circle, Milpitas CA 95035
Performers in no specific order:
Abirami Sambamoorthy (student of Sri Paduka Academy)
Shreyas Srinivasan (student of
Sri Paduka Academy)
Gauri Kaushik (student of Smt Vasudha Ravi)
Gayathri Baskar (student of Smt Nandini Ramamurthi)
Preetika Ashok (student of Smt Vasudha Ravi)
Priyanka Parthasarathy (student of Smt Akila Iyer)
Vignesh Thyagarajan (student of Sri Delhi P Sunderrajan)
String accompanists:
Aravind Rajagopalan (violin)
Ashwin Rao (violin)
Divya Mohan (violin)
Priyanka Chary (veena)
Sowbarnika Kannan (veena)
Mrudangam accompanists:
Ajay Gopi (mrudangam)
Akshay Aravindan (mrudangam)
Akshay Venkatesan (mrudangam)
Gopal Ravindhran (mrudangam)
Srivatsan Tennathur (mrudangam)
Dear members,
It was such a fulfilling and great event yesterday when all of our seven performers gave a wonderful performance in our November CCC! Six of them were repeat performers and their improved renditions were outstanding and our intro performer Gauri impressed everyone with her crisp, confident performance. Our accompanists displayed talent, progress and promise, I am sure they will be approached by people for outside CCC accompaniments as well! We put in a lot of effort to organize events on a monthly basis and it leaves a very gratifying feeling when the kids do their best.

Many thanks to our parent volunteers who helped with setup/cleanup etc. and our dedicated resources Jayaraman for smoothly covering the audio aspect in Nami's absence, Latha (membership), Sriram (bios projection), and Prasanna for the beautiful pictures below :

Like I mentioned yesterday, we are now collecting quotes from people(parents/kids/teachers who are part of CCC) to display in our Anniversary event so if you feel that CCC has had a positive impact in your child's musical growth, please send a note to and we'll try to include them in our special event. Also, please save Dec 1st (Sunday afternoon) for our next event and Jan. 11th (Saturday) for our 5th anniversary celebration event!

Lastly, those of you who regularly attend and encourage the kids make CCC events very special for the performers and You ARE the strength of CCC! THANK YOU for being there yesterday!


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